The Cyprus Team announces the completion of the second two pilots of the IDentifEYE game at Narek Primary & Secondary School. On the 14th of June 2012 another two pilots took place on 9-12 year olds.  The focus of these two pilots was on evaluating the lesson plan, prepared to be the guide for educators. 

The results of the second two pilots of the children questionnaires were:

·         Students seem to have understood what online identity is, with the majority of them saying that it is the portrayal of ourselves on the internet.

·         Through the lesson, they have understood how they can affect their online identity, especially through adding or eliminating, information about themselves.

·         In the question, “What is beyond your influence concerning the online identity?” children seemed to have realized that every bit of information leaves a digital footprint, which stays there forever.

·         Children reported that they will be more careful on the internet from now on; especially with regards to the information they share on different websites, especially if it is accessible to strangers.

·          Almost all children would like to know more about online safety and specifically, Facebook, since it is a tool that almost everyone is using, but they do not know how to be protected.

In general children seemed to understand the goals and the lessons of the game, and found it as a positive experience which enabled them to share their fears and express their concerns. What it is important out of it, is that children would like the game to more variable that would enable them to play and learn different issues more than once.