On the 9th of May 2012, the CY team has piloted the game in children aged 9-10 and 11-12 at Grammar School Limassol.  The pilots were successful and children were generally excited with the game.

The results of the children questionnaires in the first two pilots revealed the following:

Questions about the game

·         Most children found the game exciting and interesting. Their reasons ranged from the augmentations adding up to their image, which is something they saw happening for the first time, to the educational aspect of the game that it showed them what happens with the sharing personal data online, which is something they did not realize before playing the game.

·         When asked, what did they learned from playing the game, most children responded that they should not talk to people they do not know on the internet, and that they should not always give their personal information online.

·         Most children found the questions of the game, easy and funny, with few of them stating that they were too personal.

·         The augmentations of the game were found to be very funny, but some children stated, that they were not very clear or easy to understand.

·         Most children would like to play the game again (alone) only if there were more questions to answer.

Questions about the lesson on online identity

·         Children’s general opinion of the lesson was that it was interesting, fun, educational, exciting. Most children thought that it was an entertaining way of learning about online identity and online behavior.

·          The majority of the children reported that they already knew, about online identity and the dangers deriving from it.  However, it seemed that they could not understand until that day what is really left on the internet from the sharing of their personal data (digital footprints).

·         Children seemed to have learned, from the lesson, that they should not give out personal information, especially if it is not required, as well as protect their information from strangers on the internet.

Other Questions

·         Children reported that they will be more cautious on the internet from now on in terms of sharing personal data, and in terms of choosing to whom this data will be visible.

·         Almost all children said that they would recommend the game to other children because it is important that everyone knows what online identity is and what impact it can have, if it is carelessly displayed on the internet.