Specific Objectives

Main objectives of the project are:

  • Core findings regarding children’s and parents’ experiences of online technologies, focused on comparisons of children’s and parents’ perceptions of and practices regarding online risk and safety.
  • Patterns of risk and safety online to be identified following top-down hypothesis testing and bottom-up exploration of relationships among different variables, conducted on a cross-national basis.
  • Evidence-based policy and research recommendations
  • Act as node of awareness network in the Netherlands, the U.K. and Cyprus
  • Devise a cohesive, hard-hitting and targeted awareness campaign using the most appropriate media, taking into account best practice and experience in other countries.
  • Establish and maintain a partnership (formal or informal) with key players (government agencies, press and media groups, ISP associations, users organizations, education stakeholders) and actions in their country relating to safer use of Internet and new media.
  • Promote dialog and exchange of information notably between stakeholders from the education and technological fields.
  • Actively cooperate with other national nodes in the European network by exchanging information about best practices, participating in meetings and designing and implementing a European approach, adapted as necessary for national linguistic and cultural preferences.


Target Groups & Beneficiaries:

  • Duration of the project:
  1.  Direct: Children between the ages of 8 and 14, Schools, Children's associations and organizations, Universities educating teachers, social workers working with children
  2. Indirect: Parents, Teachers, Designers & developers of teaching material for kids, Computer & Internet trainers
  • After duration of the project:
  1. Commercial organizations producing serious games and AR games for educational purposes
  2. Universities with pedagogical departments