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altThe project "Children, Data and Emerging Identities" concerns the development of an augmented reality game in which different sets of data, both active and passive, lead to different outcomes as symbolized by signs. These different signs will be printed by children as an outcome of a stage in the game and will shown to a computer camera. Then, on their computer screen, the augmented reality translation of the signs will be shown. This translation represents the identity that emerges from the data they have entered in the course of the game. By playing the game children will learn that not providing any data or providing only a small amount of data leads to either a complete lack of representation or a distorted representation while providing of too many validated data will lead to a truthful representation. The proposal involves 4 partners from 3 countries (The Netherlands, The U.K. and Cyprus).

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The IDentifEYE team announces the production of its last leaflet for the project 'Children, Data and Emerging Identities' that deals with Augmented Reality Gaming.

What's to know about Augmented Reality gaming?

can be accessed through our leaflets section in the menu bar.


In our 4th leaflet we are examining how online images should be managed by children. Valuable information for educators and parents who are interested to learn how online information is managed.

Online image-management

can be accessed through our leaflets section on the menu bar.


Leaflet #3 is now available in all three languages (English, Greek and Dutch). Its named

"What you should know about children, sex and the internet"

and it is mainly directed to parents, educators and professionals. You can access the leaflet at the respective 'leaflet' section of the menu bar.


The IDentifEYE team announces the completion and circulation of its second leaflet titled:

"How do you talk to teenagers about the Internet?"

The leaflet is available in English, Greek and Dutch and you can access it through the IDentifEYE leaflets section at the menu bar.


The Cyprus Team announces the completion of the second two pilots of the IDentifEYE game at Narek Primary & Secondary School. On the 14th of June 2012 another two pilots took place on 9-12 year olds.  The focus of these two pilots was on evaluating the lesson plan, prepared to be the guide for educators. 


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